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  • I bumped into Jenny Barden
    "I bumped into Jenny Barden, who's now one of our writers, at a writing conference and she stayed in my mind." And don't dismiss writing groups. "The Romantic Novelists' Association (, for example, is incredibly supportive of new writers," says Green. Once you've written 10,000 words, present it to a literary agent, who specialises in approaching publishers with potential new talent. "The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2012 is the essential tool to find an agent," says Hitchcock. Research the kind of books they take on, and see if yours fits. "They may ask to meet you, for more chapters or the entire book," she explains. "Be open to any constructive advice and suggestions. It shouldn't cost a penny at this stage, though, so if they ask you for money, run a mile!" You've got an agent. Great. Now the work really starts.Read more
  • She says she wants her young girls to enjoy a childhood
    She says she wants her young girls to enjoy a childhood in which they won't "focus on really unimportant things like `Who Wore It Best."' It's not hard to understand why Presley has sought sanctuary far from the media's glare: After more than a few false starts, she seems to have hit her stride and at 44 has entered a phase of life as idyllic as her new surroundings. But it took her quite some time to arrive here. being the child of a superstar can be hard for anyone to bear, but when you're heir to the King, American royalty is a birthright, whether or not you want all that cones with it. During a coming-of-age comparable in media hype perhaps only to those of Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr.,Read more
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